Warwick and Stratford

Drive from Oxford to Warwick, exploring the mighty castle and the town before continuing to Stratford-upon-Avon and a series of close encounters with Shakespeare and his family, from his Birthplace to the the Holy Trinity Church where he lies buried, his old school, where he used to go drinking and much more, plus a lovely walk along the River Avon.

Leamington, Kenilworth and Coventry

A journey to the genteel surroundings of Leamington Spa followed by Kenilworth Castle, one of Britain’s finest medieval strongholds, and then to Coventry (see below).


Walking Tour taking in everything from the evocative ruins of the Old Cathedral to the restrained splendour of the New; an entire medieval street to a beacon of modern urban planning; and statues ranging from Lady Godiva to jet engineer Frank Whittle. Telling the story of a city that developed from major monastic centre to industrial powerhouse and now a vibrant cultural centre.

Banbury to Warwick

Through the ‘ironstone’ villages northwest of Banbury to Edgehill, where The Castle (coffee break) commands stunning views over the site of the first battle of the English Civil War.