Worcester and the Malverns

Minibus tour of Worcester before heading west to the Malverns. Features a circuit of the Malverns, taking in some Elgar heritage and lunch in the spa town of Great Malvern, followed by an afternoon walk up to the British Camp, an Iron Age hill fort with magnificent views.


Two walking tours of Gloucester: the Cathedral and the City, featuring glorious Gothic architecture and stained glass, both Harry and Beatrix Potter, the first jet engine, the oldest galleried inn in Britain, Romans, Humpty Dumpty and Doctor Foster.

Tewkesbury and Ledbury

Following the course of the Severn to Tewkesbury with its glorious abbey and evocative battle site. Thence to Ledbury with its famous Market House and back to Worcester via the Malverns. Features the Saxon church and Odda’s Chapel at Deerhurst.